Sample Syllabi & Assignments

Courses Taught at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

ENG 300i (Advanced Expository Writing)

This course produces critical writing projects with a central focus on social justice topics.  Students design research projects on justice foci of their own choosing, Throughout the semester we examine activism and resistance as they are expressed through photography, painting, film, popular music, and written texts that identify and challenge problematic structures of power.  Theoretical methodologies include introductory feminism, queer theory, cultural studies, Students also produce protest art of their own, to be exchanged, critiqued, and explored in writing.

Artivism Critical Essay Assignment

ENG 105i  (Writing in Medicine and Health)

Students explore writing in the fields of medicine and health.  Writing projects are crafted in natural science, social science, and humanities disciplines and are inclusive of research proposals and reports focusing on socially determined illnesses, autoimmune diseases, and filmic representations of illness.  Students are provided discipline-specific training in rhetorical analysis and writing with special emphasis on voice, audience, genre, and purpose.



Courses Taught at St. Augustine’s University

LIS 150 (Critical Writing in Pop Culture Topics)

This course pairs critical writing and film analysis.  Through writing assignments, students think deeply about theoretical applications of feminist theory, cultural studies methodologies, queer theory, and gender theories to filmic representations of black masculinity/manhood and black female embodiment.  Films, documentaries, and television series of focus include Moonlight, Black Mirror,  The Work, The Women of Brewster Place, Beloved, The Color Purple,  Critical works include texts by James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Patricia Hill Collins, and Alice Walker.

ENG 441 (Critical Theory)

This course surveys writings and methodologies in cultural studies, focusing on race, intersectionality, and constructions of black identity.  Students are guided through examinations of critical texts towards the production of a major composition project that coheres these methodologies with film and literary explorations of the varied theoretical foci.


Courses Taught at East Carolina University

ENG 2201 (Writing Across the Disciplines)  

This course explores disciplinary writing through digital humanities.  Students are guided in the construction of a professional blog that houses discipline-specific research projects they complete throughout the semester. Projects include an analysis of the uses of social media to their fields of study, podcast design and creation, interviews with disciplinary professionals, and digital mapping of spacial and temporal innovations and events related to their major field(s).  As well, students draft personal/goal statements and perform rhetorical analysis of the conventions of writing in their discipline.

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